Sunday, February 7, 2010

Criminals targeting unaware taxpayers who want tax help

Tax time is upon us, and we are all desperate to read up on and learn about the new stuff we need to know to save money on our taxes.

Criminals are taking advantage of that thirst for tax season info by sending out phishing e-mails that could cause you a lot of problems.

What could we do to alert folks to these dangers so they can protect themselves before they fall victim to them?

Reference: The Tech Herald, Tax season kicks off with a wave of related scams, retrieved 7 February 2010 from

Facebook viewed as riskiest social network by companies

Would it interest you if one of your friends posted on your Facebook page that his ex-girlfriend had cheated on him?

Don't go there…DO NOT click on this announcement. Here's why:

Need a job?

Cybercriminals are hiring; pay $180 for every 1,000 computers infected!

Foreigners computers spy on our country!

McAfee: Big Business Under Constant Cyber Attack